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West Coast Organic and Hydroponic Supply is the leader in providing quality indoor and outdoor growing supplies. We are located in Boring, Oregon and our phone number is 503-512-7710

We are open 7 days a week.
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Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert

Our staff are experts with organic and hydroponic growing, click here to email us a question.

Our Products

Our Products

We carry a wide variety of products from all of the leading manufacturers and many products that you won't find anywhere else.

Organic Home Gardening Supplies And Hydro Systems Servicing Portland Oregon & The N.W.

Welcome and thanks for checking out our site!  Westcoast Organic and Hydroponic Supply is the Northwest’s leading supplier of indoor and outdoor garden supplies and grow equipment. We have happily made our mark in Portland OR. and S.W. Washington as the premier garden supply store.

We are the only store in the northwest that has a full time grow room design consultant available to you for FREE!

Our inventory is second to none, and our full-time staff is available for anything from teaching a beginner gardener the most important basics necessary to succeed to analyzing professional garden scenarios and giving suggestions for improvement.  Whether you are wanting an indoor greenhouse, want to grow hydroponics, need help with your organic garden, or even if you don’t know how to get started, we are the garden store for you!

Our expert staff is available for all your needs including;

  • Teaching beginning gardeners the most important basics necessary to succeed, we design simple user friendly systems for new gardeners that will outperform many “advanced gardeners” gardens, crop after crop.
  • Teaching the intermediate gardener ways to systemize and simplify their gardening tasks, cutting back on work time, providing consistency for your plants, automation of your environment, and how to set up environmental safety features in the event you have equipment failures that will result in crop failure, poor quality, and low yields.
  • Talking with expert gardeners about their style of growing, type of system in place, products used, room design, and environmental control and manipulation. By doing this we can help the professional maximize efficiency and yield by streamlining consumable product, equipment and utility costs to maximize efficiency and yield.

Visit the Question and Answer section on our website for answers to all your gardening questions. You can search through questions that have already been answered, or post your own question, which will be answered by one of our garden pros. Sign-up for our newsletter for special promotions including monthly giveaways! And, like us on Facebook for 10% off in the store.

The helpful staff at West Coast knows gardening and we want to share that knowledge with you!  Stop by and ask your questions!  We are here to help! Also check out our Blog full of useful information by Clicking Here.

West Coast Organic and Hydroponic Indoor And Outdoor Gardening Super Store